Does your company need the services of a Financial Officer who can negotiate with Banks and Investors, prepare an effective and credible business plan and manage the preparation of financial reports?

       But not as a full time employee?

In today's business environment, Companies or Associations need a Chief Financial Officer to help manage cash flow, control costs and plan for the future.  

These companies may not be ready for the cost and commitment of a full time Chief Financial Officer.  CFO Services provides an effective alternative to help with financing, planning and reporting.

I have helped clients negotiate more than $150 million in loans. I am a strategic partner to my clients, continuously working to help them grow and succeed.  

I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about the benefits CFO Services can provide for you and your business. 

A reference from a banking colleague:

“Joe does a great job working with and mentoring existing company financial staff.  He raises the quality of financial reporting and adds a level of sophistication and strategic planning that owners, potential acquirers, and bankers can all appreciate.”  -        Veteran 26-year banker with a large regional bank