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Photo by Goodshoot/Goodshoot / Getty Images

Can my CPA firm provide CFO services?

Maybe.  But...the basic business of a CPA firm is Tax Compliance and Financial Statement Preparation (Audit, Review, Compilation).  The CFO services work done by CPA firms is often special project work.   

And..  my 8 plus years in commercial banking provides a unique perspective to assist your company to obtain business financing with amounts and terms tailored to your company’s needs.

What size companies do you work with?

The basic concept for CFO Services began with the idea of "too big for a bookkeeper and not ready for a full time CFO".   I work with companies who appreciate the benefit of having an experienced financial professional looking out for their business.

The companies vary by industry, need and stage of growth.  I have worked with clients with revenue of $1 million and less than 5 employees and clients with revenue of $40 million and more than 200 employees.

What Industries do you work with?

Client companies include software and hardware technology, service, wholesale and retail, contracting and manufacturing.  I do not specialize by industry and only work with one company in a particular industry.  This avoids potential conflicts of working with competing companies.   

How would you work with my company?

I can begin providing financing advice for your company or assist with finance negotiations.

For ongoing assignments, I like to be considered as an employee working directly with management and staff.   For smaller companies, I provide monthly or quarterly assistance.  For others, I work at the company location on a regular schedule.  This gives me the opportunity to understand the corporate culture, interact with management and supervise the accounting staff.   

 What are the costs?

Fees are based upon an estimate of time required and billed monthly.  Costs are less than the cost of a full time CFO. 

What is the commitment?

My clients typically stay with me for many years.  If, however, the relationship does not work, there is no term commitment.