Photo by Robert Remen/Hemera / Getty Images

Photo by Robert Remen/Hemera / Getty Images

The scope of our work covers all accounting and financial matters including financial reporting, cash and profit planning, bank relations and tax planning.  The focus of our efforts includes:

Negotiate Bank Financing

Drawing upon my combined experience as a CPA and Commercial Banker, I assist companies determine an appropriate amount, term and structure of financing. 

Business Planning

Prepare Budgets and Forecasts that can be used by Management, Investors and Bankers.  Tax and Profit Planning.

Financial Reporting

Supervise your Accounting Department; Prepare financial information for management and financial statements for Banks and Creditors.  If necessary, select and implement  new Accounting Systems.

Expense Reduction

Focus on reducing operating expenses and creating opportunities for profit improvement.

 Other Services

401K plan management and reporting. Focus on reducing plan and fund costs.

Audit liaison (Sales Tax, Federal Tax etc.)

Succession Planning

Corporate Sale or Acquisition planning and assistance